Quest Project

Quest Project

The QUEST project was launched on September 2012 and is supported by the Life Long Learning programme in the frame of the Leonardo da Vinci Partnership action.

The QUEST project brings together various partners from across Europe to share a combined wealth of experience in hosting and organising quality national and international mobility experiences.

The partnership aims to develop an e-guide: Quality and Diversity Management for MSEs: ‘Quality & Diversity Mobilities in European MSEs’

Quest website

E-guide for european Mobility


Logo Swiss Occidental Leonardo

SOL Swiss Occidental Leonardo, Sion, SWITZERLAND – withdrawn

Swiss Occidental Leonardo is a non-profit organisation founded in 1992. Their aim is to promote Europe-wide co-operation and help companies and training institutions set up and manage projects.

Contact:  Tiziana Magliano –

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Logo Oneco

ONECO – Consultoría y Movilidad, Seville, SPAIN

ONECO is a consultancy for European projects in the area of education, culture, employment and local development. Specialising in mobility projects and internships abroad, ONECO has a wide range of partners and participation in over 400 projects

Contact:  Valle Casado Maestre –

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Logo GHD

GHD – Global Human Development, Almada, PORTUGAL

GHD- Global Human Development provides training, consulting and technical co-operation services to aid and improve the professional capabilities of national and European workers. They hold a strong focus on projects related to women, entrepreneurial spirit and gender equality.

Contact:  Ana Sofia Manzani –

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IRFI: Istituto Romano per la Formazione Imprenditoriale – Camera di Commercio di Roma, Rome, ITALY

IRFI is the designated training agency of the Rome Chamber or Commerce. Their main aims are research, consultancy, development and management of training activities. They work actively with national and foreign institutions, universities and research centres, and both large and small companies.


Logo Cap Ulysse

Cap Ulysse, Bordeaux, FRANCE

Cap Ulysse is a training centre in charge of communitarian projects promoting education vocational training and European mobility. They specialise in supporting entrepreneurs, placing international interns across France, and advising organisations and institutions who wish to offer periods of mobility.

Contact: Elisabeth Silva –

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Logo Inova

Inova Consultancy LTD, Sheffield, UK

Inova is a Sheffield-based consultancy which works on diversity in careers. Inova has specialist experience in the development and delivery of programmes in the UK and on an international level for women entrepreneurs and women starting-up in business, supporting them with mentoring, training and business coaching.

Contact:  Valentina Tartari –

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User: @project_QUEST


Name: QUEST project


In 2010 a survey Erasmus Placements: « internships from the business side » was led by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCITABEL) in order to “understand the companies’ point of view about hosting a trainee”.

The survey revealed that the majority of companies (60%) did not know the Programme at all and that only 8% of SMEs hosted an Erasmus student before.

By the way, the survey highlights that 10-49 staffed enterprises are the keenest in hosting an Erasmus trainee; when micro enterprises (1-9), are the least interested in hosting an Erasmus trainee due to several reasons like: size reasons, lack of time, language barriers, lack of information and difficulties to organise themselves etc…

The interesting fact is that a large majority (86%) were interested in hosting a trainee, but do not know how to do it and expressed the need of an on-line tool  and a reference IO [Intermediary Organisation] support.

As part of the Leonardo da Vinci ‘Life Long Learning’ programme, the QUEST parternship aims to tackle the lack of diversity in MSEs and trainees across Europe by sharing our combined wealth of experience in hosting and organising quality national and international mobility experiences.

QUEST will:

  • Provide guidance for MSEs with regards to practical, everyday issues related to hosting a mobility through:
    • E-guide for MSEs about the benefits of hosting a mobility
    • Sharing information about hosting a mobility through facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other networks across Europe
  • Outline the benefits of a placement from which businesses will prosper, for example, a placement can bring a valuable source of innovation and creativity to the host company, it offers the opportunity to import knowledge, skills and abilities which can be shared with the organisation’s current staff and thus broaden their own experiences.
  • Particularly focus on supporting placement opportunities for those facing disadvantages accessing the work place, for example, a disadvantaged socio-economic background, being 50+, having a disability, or working in a non-traditional field.
  • Keep a collaborative and continuous work cycle, collecting local and national knowledge, sharing this at a European level, and returning to local and national level to disseminate this new European understanding


Lisbon (P) 11.10.2012


“This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein”.



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