Making it easier to move and work/recruit European citizens aged 35+

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Reactivate is an intra-EU job mobility scheme for jobseekers over 35 years of age. It helps EU citizens find work, apprenticeships or traineeships in another EU Member State and it assists employers to recruit people throughout the EU.

Reactivate will in particular develop a virtual job centre, offering a set of services for employers and jobseekers to support them trough all the steps of European recruitment procedures.

Who can Reactivate?

  • All employers legally established in EU countries offering job/apprenticeship/traineeship contracts of at least 6 months’ duration, provided that pay and conditions comply with national labour law.
  • EU28 citizens and legally resident in one of the EU28 countries, looking for a job in another EU country. 

What support is available?

Support to employers:

  • Recruitment support: a dedicated Reactivate adviser will ensure to each employer tailored and personal support and services;
  • Vacancy management: easy job/apprenticeships/traineeships posting and management in a user-friendly and flexible online platform;
  • Recruitment and placement of pre-screened candidates: Reactivate advisers assist employers in identifying their needs and then search for suitable candidates on the basis of the individuated requirements. Reactivate also offers support with on-the-job training development plans;
  • Training incentives: financial incentives for SMEs to offset the costs of providing on-the-job training to promote the integration of newly hired workers;
  • Workplace support: Reactivate provides on-going support in the workplace by monitoring job placements with the participant and the employer.

Support to jobseekers:

  • Career counselling and orientation, support in applications preparation, career path development;
  • Skill and career development: access to training resources, skill assessment, information on jobs and employers and career services;
  • Access to workplace: access to vacancies listing at European level, registration to career days, participation in pre-selections thanks to Reactivate job-matching tool, arrangement of interviews;
  • Financial incentives for interview, relocation (of the candidate and the members of her/his family), language training, recognition of qualification.

How can you take part?

In order to participate in Reactivate, you must register on the Reactivate website.

If you are an employer you will be contacted by our staff who will support you in the definition of your vacancies and offer recruitment and matching services.

If you are a jobseeker, first check if we have job/apprenticeship/traineeship vacancies suitable for your profile. If yes, register on the portal and fill in your CV in English.

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Reactivate is a Pilot Project co-funded by the European Union within the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” 2014-2020 (for further information please consult: and implemented by the Metropolitan City of Rome (Italy), in collaboration with ANPAL (Italian EURES National coordinator), Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen (Dutch EURES National Coordinator), Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (Spanish EURES National Coordinator), Bundesagentur für Arbeit/Zentrale Auslands und Fachvermittlung (German International Placement Services), K MILIOS AND SIA OE, DIAN (Greek organisation active in the training and mobility services), Regione Marche (Italian regional EURES service) and FormaCamera (agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Italy).


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